[機型插件] 「Prepar3d v4/v5」AirBus Flight Sim Labs FSL- A319/20/21/20SL/21SL v11.0.1.213

「Prepar3d v4/v5」AirBus Flight Sim Labs FSL- A319/20/21/20SL/21SL v11.0.1.213

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AVAILABLE NOW – all new on P3D v4.5HF3, as well as P3D v5!
The biggest and longest cousin in the A32X Series family, the A321-X accommodates for much bigger statistics, such as three seating configurations and a maximum takeoff weight of approximately 93.5 tons.
Expanding on FSLabs’ ground-breaking visual effects, windshield rain and airframe icing simulation, along with a fully custom animated external model and FSLabs’ unique 3D sound engineering, the A321-X debuts the Cabin Camera System, integrated into the lower ECAM display, to show a live video feed of the cabin, while passengers are boarding and de-boarding, integrating very closely with FSDreamTeam’s Ground Services X (GSX) Level 2.
The A321-X features A321-specific flight dynamics, engine performance models and handling characteristics developed in consultation with real airline pilots and using thousands of data points derived from hundreds of test flights in the real aircraft. Both the CFM56-5B3 and IAE V2533-A5 engine variants are faithfully reproduced, including each engine type’s unique performance characteristics. Each engine variant has its own sound set, utilizing hundreds of recordings from the real aircraft and FSLabs’ unique 3D sound design techniques to provide a truly immersive and realistic sound experience from every angle, whether you’re in the cabin, on the flight deck or outside the aircraft.
This product contains the A321-X expansion package for use with the A320-X Base Package in Prepar3D v4/v5. The A320-X for Prepar3D v4/v5 is not included in this product and must be purchased separately.
For more information, visit our FSLabs forum here.
AIRBUS, its logo and product & service marks are registered trademarks of Airbus.
All rights reserved. Officially licensed by Airbus.

Unique Features:
  • High detail modeling with full PBR textures on the external model.
  • The first aircraft title featuring CPDLC allowing users the unique opportunity to interact with ATC via datalink communications.
  • A unique to the A321 fuel system without outer wing tanks found in other A32X variants, plus optional additional center tanks (ACTs) allowing a total fuel capacity of 23,770kg and increasing flight time by up to 7 hours.
  • 60 additional flight warning computer sheets of logic specifically for the A321-X variant.
  • A new high-definition takeoff performance system generating precise performance features for a given takeoff runway.
  • Custom ground friction models to simulate proper ground handling (single engine taxi).
  • Brake models tuned to match real world performance in all weather environments
  • Over 60,000 electrical components simulated and connected via simulated electrical and data driven networks.
  • Complete flight control system, featuring Normal Law, Alternate Law, Abnormal Attitude Law, Direct Law and Mechanical Backup. The Fly-By-Wire system faithfully represents the feeling of flying the real world aircraft

System requirements:
A320-X for Prepar3D v4.5+ or v5 purchased and installed already.
PC hardware (Apple Macs not supported).
Windows 10 1903 64bit or later required. Minimum 16GB RAM.
CPU: Minimum: 6500, Recommended 8000 Passmark CPU Mark Score
Graphics Card: Minimum 5000, Recommended 6500 Passmark GPU Mark Score.
P3Dv5 Graphics Card Memory: Minimum 6GB, Recommended 10GB
Prepar3D v4.5HF3 (for the A320-X for P3Dv4), Prepar3D v5 (for the A320-X for P3Dv5)
The A321-X is now compatible with Prepar3D v5!
NOTE: Minimum settings allow the aircraft to load and operate but you’ll need to make compromises in scenery settings to get adequate performance.
Not suitable for people with blindness.


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