[联机插件] [中譯]ETS2MP官方遊戲規則(2015.06.13更新)



While Driving in ETS2MP, users are required to follow the European Traffic laws

在 ETS2MP裡遊戲時,用戶必須遵守(真實的)歐洲交通法規





2015.05.20 ETS2MP官網最後更新


下方條例藍色文字為新增或修改(對照 2014.08.23版本)

1. Overtaking / undertaking at Europoort - Minimum 1day Ban  (至少一天禁令)(新增)
    Overtaking / undertaking others at Europoort to get an advantage.

2. Horn Spamming (濫按喇叭) - Kick / Ban (踢掉 / 禁令)
    Purposely holding your horn down for an prolonged period of time or anything similar.

3. Username - Kick / Ban (踢掉 / 禁令)(更新)
    Having inappropriateusernames including those with insults, any with no text, names matchingadministration or anything similar.(取消)
    Having inappropriate usernames including those with insults, any with no text, any with swearing in them, names matching administration, law enforcement organizations or anything similar.

4. Political Usernames (政治性名字) - Kick / Ban (踢掉 / 禁令)(新增)
    Using names similar to any current living or deceased political leader or anything similar.

5. Tags in username - Kick / Ban (踢掉 / 禁令)(新增)
    It is forbidden to add "Forum Mod", "TS3 Admin" or similar tags to your nickname, which could suggest you're an official ETS2MP Team member or anything similar.
    (嚴禁在暱稱裡添加 "Forum Mod (某mod論壇)"、" TS3 Admin (TS3 管理員) " 或類似標籤
     這可能暗示你是一名 ETS2MP 的官方團隊成員或諸如此類)

6. Racing (賽車) - Kick / Ban (踢掉 / 禁令)
    Having races or anything similar.

7. Incorrect Way (不正確的道路)- Kick / Ban (踢掉 / 禁令)(樓主註:即是 wrong way 錯道)
    Travelling the incorrect way down the road or anything similar.

8. Inappropriate Overtaking (不當超車) - Kick / Ban (踢掉 / 禁令)
    Overtaking in an area of extremely low FPS or in areas with large amounts of traffic such as in Europoort or anything similar.

9. Profanity (褻瀆性語言)- Kick / Ban (踢掉 /禁令)
    Swearing or using any words that may be deemed inappropriate or anything similar.

10. Insulting Users / Insulting Administration (侮辱其他用戶 / 侮辱管理單位)- Temporary / Permanent Ban (暫時 / 永久性 踢出) (更改罰則)
    Swearing or using any words that may be deemed inappropriate towards other users or administration or anything similar.

11. Ramming (衝撞)- Temporary / Permanent Ban (暫時 / 永久性 踢出)
    Purposely causing damage to another users truck, attempting a collision into another users truck or anything similar.

12. Blocking (阻擋) - Temporary / Permanent Ban (暫時 / 永久性 踢出)
    Restricting a user's travel path, blocking entrances to highways or other entry points or anything similar.

13. Hacking (駭客) - Permanent Ban (永久禁令)(取消)
     Hacking/Speedhacking/Bug abusing - First time: 1 month ban/Second time: 3 month ban/Third time: Permanent ban (內容及罰則更新)
     (駭客 / 速度駭客 / 濫用遊戲bug - 首次:1個月禁令 / 第二次:3個月禁令 / 第3次:永久踢出)
     Using artificial tools to change gameplay, using cheat engine in order to bypass the speeding limiter or anything similar.

14. Inappropriate Parking (不適當泊車) - Kick / Ban (踢出 / 禁令) (整合)
     Parking or stopping in areas of high population for no reason such as Rotterdam Port or anything similar,
     using the designated car parks is fine (This is fine when there is low traffic in the area).

11. Bug Abusing (濫用bug) - Permanent Ban (永久性禁令)(取消)
     Exploiting any found bug that was not reported, exploiting reports bugs tobenefit yourself or anything similar.

12. Inappropriate Parking (不當泊車)- Kick / Ban (踢出 / 禁令
     Parking or stopping in areas of high population for no reason such as RotterdamPort or anything similar, using the designated car parks is fine (This is finewhen there is low traffic in the area).

15. Chat and Report Spamming (聊天和濫發報告) - Kick / Ban (踢出 / 禁令)
    Spamming the use of commands both to other users and commands as a whole or anything similar.

16. Unsupported Mods (使用不支持的mod) - Permanent Ban (永久踢出)(新增)
     Using unsupported mods that cause game crashes.

17. Ban Evading (規避禁令) - Extended Ban / Perm. Ban (延長禁令 / 永久踢出)(新增)
     Creating another account to get around a temp ban / perm. ban.

18. Driving without lights (不開燈駕駛) - Kick / Ban (踢出 / 禁令)(新增)
     Driving in the dark without lights is forbidden.

19. Exiting map boundaries - Kick / Ban (踢出 / 禁令)(新增)
     It is forbidden to drive outside of the map boundaries, including spots inaccessible by normal driving,
     unless the player is an official In-Game Admin or anything similar.

20. Useless traffic at EP/Rotterdam (無用的交通在歐洲港/鹿特丹)- Kick / Ban (踢出 / 禁令)(新增)
     Useless traffic at Europoort or Rotterdam. Driving without reason to and from or anything similar.

21. Inappropriate Convoy Management (不適當的車隊管理) - Ban (踢出)(新增)
     Groups (And Individuals) which offer services such as piloting a convoy, or directing trucks during a convoy are not allowed to block,
     or slow down, traffic in any way, shape, or form.

22. Desync Exploiting (不同步運行)
     Attempting to use desync in order to cause damage to another users truck is forbidden.

23. Ping Issues (ping 的問題)(更新)
     If your ping is over 600ms to the server you will be disconnected from the server in order to avoid desync issues for others. This ping check is taken as an average.
     (如果你在伺服器上的ping值超過 600ms,為了避免發生與他人不同步的問題,你會被斷離伺服器。ping值的查驗以平均值為準。)

24. Overtaking (超車)
     This is a very simple howto guide on how to overtake (and be overtaken) properly.

25. Other Notes(其他注意事項)(新增)

     Administrators reserve the right to kick or ban you from the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer servers at any point
     if they deem your behaviour unsafe to yourself or other network users.
     We ask that if you are banned that you create a ban appeal and not private message any member of the staff team.
     We don't delete a user's account at the request of. We can only perm. ban him.
     如果你被禁止,請你申請 ban appeal (禁令上訴),而不是私下傳訊給工作團隊中的任何成員。

     If you have been permanently banned, creating a new account is deemed as Ban Evasion,
     if evidence points that you have ban evaded Administrators reserve the right to ban you again without notification.


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